The cycle „1000 drawings“ Veronika Radulovic made in the old Hanoi. They are a personal dialogue with the moment of the past and all future visions. Through their distinctive personal style, they are a gesture of trust and friendship. Drawings, especially those that are created in an intercultural context are communication. They are a language that is to be understood. The drawing uses simple ciphers that are globally readable and enforce a starting point of dialogues. The stranger, the otherness, or exotic of an unfamiliar culture becomes an offer for a mutual communication range.

1 – 2 Thousand Drawings – Ink Drawings, 2005  –  SAL Nakhon Pathom

3 – Thousand Drawings – Ink Drawings, 2005  –  Galerie M Berlin

4 – practise. draw. international school books and drawings, 2005  –  SAL Nakon Pathom

5 – 7 – Untitled, Drawings, 2005  –  Galerie Nord Berlin