14 January 2013, Silpakorn University Art Department
Project introduction by Christine Falk and Alfred Banze

15 – 27 January 2013, Workshops:
Christine Falk, Germany -Painting + Photografie
Alfred Banze, Germany – Media Art, Participatory Art
Andreas Dettloff, Tahiti – Objects, Installations
jiandyin, Thailand – Conceptual + Drawing
Mu Yunbai, China – Drawing + Wood Carving
Skall, France – Performance Art

The exhibition has been extended by art works
of 6 graduates of the Silpakorn University Bangkok.

Exotika 2013 – Project intruduction by Christine Falk and Alfred Banze at Silpakorn University Art Department, 14 January 2012

Found Object Workshop directed by  Christine Falk

Music Video Workshop directed by Alfred Banze

Drawing Workshop by Veronika Radulovic via Emails, directed by Christine Falk

Calligraphy Workshop directed by Mu Yunbai

Drawing- and Conceptual Workshop directed by Jiandyin

 Performance Workshop directed by Skall

Exhibition Architecture and Serenity Workshop directed by Andreas Dettloff and all others…