Oil Paintings and Found Objects

During my travels to several countries more or less in the tropical areas I found colour combinations which are very unusual but nice for me. Some are not specific for the country, some are, but mostly they are strange from a European’s view. Sometimes it is related to religion, sometimes to national items, mostly not by purpose. In my journeys I learned, that other clima circumstances create other colours in the nature, arising in a different handling of colour combinations. The use of colours by humans in there culture is very much related to the colours of nature, for example, flowers and sky.

1 – 5 Oil Paintings, 2010 – 12  – Galerie M Berlin

6 – 20 Who am I, where? Found Objects, 2013  – Galerie M Berlin

Oil Paintings  2010 – 12. In front: Who am I, where? Found Objects, 2013  – SAL Nakhon Pathom

Oil Paintings, 2010 – 12  – SAL Nakhon Pathom

In Papeete, Tahiti – Oil on Canvas, 2010  – SAL Nakhon Pathom

Who am I, where? Found Objects, 2013 – SAL Nakhon Pathom

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